Steve Rockamaniac

Host, Producer                                  wilkenphoto

For over 15 years, Steve Rockamaniac has been revolutionizing the radio wrestling world in Montreal. His journey began with In The Ring Radio on CFMB 1280AM in 2003 where he started out as a Contributor, later becoming a Co-Host and ultimately taking over as Host and Producer. Then in 2007, Steve stepped into Main Event Radio to team with Ryan Rider to form the top team in Montreal wrestling radio history.

Before beginning his career in radio, Steve was an avid fanatic of the airwave media. From a young age, Steve could often be found late at night listening to a transistor radio, usually tuning into the rantings and ravings of Montreal radio legend Ted Tevan. Even to this day, Steve is a avid follower of the radio industry, which is one reason he chose to take the leap into being an on air personality himself.

Steve was also exposed to the wrestling world at a very early age in life. Having followed wrestling for over 30 years, he has seen all the up’s and downs of the wrestling world since the late 1980’s. Whether it be WWE, NXT, Impact, ROH, or the major indies, Steve follows it all, and prides himself in being on top of all the latest in the world of pro wrestling. Steve is also a frequent contributor to the Quebec Independent Wrestling scene.

Despite your initial assumption, The name “Rockamaniac” has nothing to do with a love for former WWE superstar The Rock. The name was given to Steve by former Montreal radio personality, Gabriel Morency, after Steve became a frequent caller and later webmaster to Morency’s Sports Weekly/Sports Rage radio program, and during his calls, Steve would discuss the latest going ons of his favorite baseball team, the Colorado Rockies. Thus he was a “Rockies Maniac”, or “Rockamaniac”.

Steve Rockamaniac is excited to be coming home, making his long-awaited return to MER in October 2018 on the road to our 15th anniversary.