About Us

Main Event Radio is an award-winning combat sports talk show that is currently in its 12th year of broadcasting. The show is hosted by Ryan Rider alongside his long-time co-host, Ilan “The Viz” Preisler.

MER is home to Canada’s largest wrestling fan base and an ever growing fan base from around the world, Our main goal has always been to foster an alternative method of allowing the fans of the WWE, NXT, TNA, UFC, Independent, and International products to be entertained and hear all the latest news and happenings in professional wrestling.

We’ve produced hundreds of episodes of innovative wrestling talk radio since 2004 on the air and on the web. We’ve interviewed over 150 of the biggest names in combat sports. Traveled hundreds of miles all across North America to cover events. Countless feature articles have been written about us in newspapers. One of our hosts was even on Canadian Idol. But the best is yet to come in 2016 when we return bigger and better than ever!

We give back to the community, sponsoring several charities including the Weekend to End Cancer, The Great Food Drive for Children, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.